The Spring is here

2963278042_d3af3a4ceaAfter a long winter of crazy weather the spring has gone directly into summer. The crazy congestion that is going on in my lungs perhaps due to an explosion of pollen from thousands of sources. I just keep riding through it all in hopes of some clarity in the near future. The plan for the summer is riding as much with family and friends as possible. If I can get the car fixed at some point, I would like to do some escapes to Iowa.

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Trans Iowa V-13 Ready or not Here we Come!

Ride 681

Dr. Giggles left and the Me on the right will be there. Middle Guy, cookie, will be out in the CA. getting ready for some moving action. I know that someday all of us will ride again.


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Riding in the winter

So of course there has to be a lot of considerations for winter riding. One of the most important ones are clothing, bike set up and lights. 

In the clothing department warm, windproofness and ventilation

in the bike setup tires that grip, fenders and low maintenance

in the light department power, visibility and durability

I will work on this lengthy post little by little

Ari Image


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Night riding

Trying to figure out how to squeeze in some training during the week. The only way to accomplish that is to get out in the night time. 

So, I guess it is time to get all the lighting systems up to par and start on this project. Been taking the little one to school in the morning and as I get home it is time to get ready for work. The only thing that has happened is the time change has made me more tired. I can’t explain it though. 


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Slender Fungus Cycling Asssociation

The Slender Fungus Cycling Association has stepped in  to Sponsor Trans Iowa V10. Group members will pitch in and we will give off a Surly Crosscheck frame. 

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Fruit Loop on July 31st, 2011

This ride is coming up fast so keep checking the blogs.

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overdo update

I am still here.

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