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Hope all is well .

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Custom Rick Hunter Cycles Stem

Rick had the kindness to fit me in his busy list and build up a stem for the Salsa La Cruz.
The thing is so solid and the welds are soo smooth. I love Made in U.S.A.


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Rick Hunter Cycles Custom Heavy Duty Cross Fork

hunter fork

I met Rick Hunter back in February at the North American Handmade Bicycle show in Indianopolis, Indiana. We discussed building the above photographed fork. It will be used on a potential Trans Iowa bike. It is fully designed and built by Rick himself. All Chromoly with custom dropouts and fender mounts on the outside of the masive forklegs. This will be going on the Salsa La Cruz that is comign together rather slowly.

Next I will dig up the photo of the stem Rick built. His stuff is just awesome and it was really great to open that box and unwrap that fork.

Steel is real,



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The first post on this wordpress blog

Just wanted to get myself thinking more and so I decided to try another type of blog and see what happens. Too many ideas to unleash and just not enough time as usual. I did have more time in my previous job to surf the web and see what everyone was up to. Nowadays I do more hands on stuff and by the time I get home my libido for bike porn has worn out and I just want to chill. Sometimes I do feel like I am out of the loop but then I remember that cycling is nothing more than a big circle and that biopace rings will once again become cool. Just wait.

One thing is for sure is that we have all been struggling with time constraints. That has gotten me thinking as to how to solve this dilemma. I think the most important thing is not to give up on hopes of getting out with the bike. I have also committed to riding the bike to work and to do as many errands on it as possible. This gives me the chance to pile the miles and clear my head. As most of my readers of Flandria Velosport know I have been getting out at night quite often. This has been possible by investing in good lighting systems that are reliable and make on feel safe out in the middle of the night.

I hope to continue to get my ideas out and to help anyone that needs help in getting a riding plan put together. I am always looking for riding partners that are willing to ride long and steady and perhaps stop for some Gatorade and Slim Jims.

best to all and thanks for reading

 "Man, this fridge is always packed"

"Man, this fridge is always packed"

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